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I'm Lou. SMM Specialist.



Let's work together!

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Ready to maximize your social media ROI?

With a tailored strategy and hands-on management, I'll optimize every aspect of your online presence in the ever-evolving world of Social Media.


Discover a world of possibilities for your brand's social media success!

Here are the services I offer to help you reach new heights in the digital sphere.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

I develop and execute effective social media strategies tailored to your goals and target audience.

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Content Creation & Curation

I create engaging visuals and written posts that captivate your audience and align with your brand.

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User Engagement

I actively engage with your followers, responding promptly and fostering a positive online community.

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Organic and Paid Advertising & Targeting

I leverage social media ads to drive targeted traffic, generate leads, and increase brand awareness.

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Copywriting and Hashtag Research

I craft compelling copy and optimize it with relevant hashtags to boost your reach and visibility.

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Content Scheduling

I ensure consistent and timely posting across your social media channels, using efficient scheduling tools.

Social Media Management - Content Schedule

Basic Branding & Design

I maintain a cohesive visual identity, creating designs that reflect and enhance your brand image.

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Competitor Analysis & Market Research

I analyze your competitors' strategies to refine your approach and gain a competitive edge.

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Come for the versatility, Stay for the passion. I'm your girl for this!



About Me

I am a diligent social media manager and marketer driving brand growths through effective and

research-based campaigns.

My mission is to help businesses stand out digitally!

Me in a Nutshell

As a savvy uni student studying Business and Entrepreneurship, I have a passion for bringing brands to life and helping them reach their full potential.

From creating killer contents with top-tier visuals to engaging with your audience and driving sales, I've got you covered. *wink*

Let's connect, captivate, and conquer the world of social media together!


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Selling Points?

Here are some pros of working with me!

Growing Organic Sources & Engagement

On-time Performance

100% Manual and Organic


No Use of any Third-Party Applications

Marketing & Business Literate

Professional and Fun to work with

Sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement to protect your business!

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As a social media marketer, I constantly strive to improve my results by utilizing programs and tools that have been proven effective in the field of social media marketing and management.


Basic Branding, Social Media Contents, and Visual Samples


Healthy Meal

Delivery Service

Better Bowls

Specializing in crafting delectable and nourishing bowls, Better Bowls is a concept for a healthy meal delivery service. The marketing strategy revolves around a vibrant presence on Instagram, where health-conscious content, mouthwatering recipes, and captivating IG carousels showcase the diverse menu options available.

Complementing this approach, targeted Facebook ads are strategically employed to extend the brand's reach and connect with a broader audience.

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Visual Brand Identity

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Better Bowls


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Goodbye, fast food! Hello, Better Bowls!

Say goodbye to greasy takeout and say hello to a healthier alternative. Our Better Bowls are the perfect solution for those busy days when you want to make a smart choice without sacrificing taste!

Order Now!

#healthymeals #mealdelivery #betterbowls

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Goodbye, fast food! Hello, Better Bowls!

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@betterbowls.us: The secret ingredient? Love, care, and Better Bowls! We pour our heart and soul into creating each Better Bowl, ensuring that it not only nourishes your body but also brings joy and satisfaction to your dining experience!

Ready? ORDER NOW and Get ONE FREE Dessert Bowl!

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Facebook Ads

Ad Copy

Social Media Posts


Visual Brand Identity


Pet Supplies

Paw Paw Babe

Paw Paw Babe is a pet-supply brand concept that caters to discerning fur-parents who take pleasure in indulging their beloved pets with high-quality products, toys, food, and more. Our marketing approach encompasses various effective strategies, including engaging story ads on popular social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

We aim to showcase the unique value and appeal of our brand in a friendly and easily understandable manner.

*All rights reserved to owners of some photos used below*


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